School principals blogging

In tomorrow’s Star Tribune:

Principals’ blogs give slice of school-day life: Some Minnesota educators are taking a techno-step forward in hopes of communicating better with parents.

McLeodS-2005.jpgNot much in the way of blogging as strategic, leadership-oriented storytelling was described by the reporter in the article. News of school events, pleas for obeying parking ordinances, essays on the differences between middle schools and junior highs, and glimpses of life in a school day are not the stuff of leadership and influence.

Blogs featured:

I’ll try to take a closer look at those blogs later this week. I’ll also try to reach the professor, Scott McLeod, in the Department of Educational Policy and Administration at the U of MN. Kudos to him for initiating the effort.

He’s also interested in getting superintendents blogging. I wonder if he knows Charlie Kyte, Executive Director of the MN School Administrators Association (MASA) and a blogger?