Students Speak Out via the Ning social networking platform


I’ve been working with the Citizens League and their MAP 150 project recently to develop a website in conjunction with a group of Humphrey Institute Policy Fellows titled Students Speak Out.

We’re using the Ning social networking platform for the project.

Stacy Becker, MAP 150 project director and blogger, announced Students Speak Out on her MAP 150 blog last week:

In collaboration with policy fellows from the Humphrey Institute with ties to the community, we have started a place to allow students to lead a community discussion of what’s happening in their schools. The Minneapolis school district, and its community, are going through a painful process of closing schools. Enrollment is down. But why? It’s not just demographics. As adults we can wonder all day long about what’s causing students to leave. But we’ll never know for sure until we bring students into the discussion – and ultimately find a better role for them in this process.

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