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Minnesota Blogger Mini-Conference 2011

Minnesota Blogger Mini-Conference 2011 at CoCo Becky Flansburg, Frantic Mommy Josh Braaten, Big Picture Web

I attended Minnesota Blogger Mini-Conference 2011 yesterday over the noon hour at CoCo.

Joel Carlson has blogged the event with photos, too.

Photos from unSummit #4 at Lowertown’s CoCo

Steve Borsch at unSummit #4 unSummit #4 unSummit #4
I attended UnSummit 4 yesterday at CoCo, the coworking and collaborative space in downtown St. Paul’s Lowertown:

unsum4 UnSummit is an alternative, "unconference," not unlike a BarCamp. That means full participation, full dissemination and free admission — all the things that traditional conferences are not.

The unstated theme was social media/PR oriented, though not exclusively. It was an amazingly well-done conference for being volunteer-run and 100% free (no conference fee; free coffee, donuts, pizza, beer, wine, etc.) due to the generous support of its sponsors.

Andrew Eklund/Meghan Seawell: "Selling Social Media to Execs" Arik Hanson: "Feeding the Blog Beast" Don Ball: "Escaping wage slavery"

My favorite session: "Feeding the Blog Beast" by Arik Hanson (center photo above).