Griff Wigley, Wigley and Associates

I work with organizations interested in using online tools to deepen citizen engagement.

I coach business, non-profit, government and civic leaders on the art of leadership blogging and the use of other social media technologies.

I’ve pretty much made my living online since 1986, primarily building online communities, both topic- and geographic-based. I was project director for MIX, the McGraw-Hill Information Exchange for Teachers and Schools (1986-90) and Utne Reader magazine’s Cafe Utne (1995-97) which won a Webby Award for community in May, 2000. I co-founded Northfield Citizens Online and the Northfield.org community portal (1995-2006), and launched their citizen journalism/civic blogosphere project in 2004. I was a podcast co-host and blogger for Locally Grown Northfield¬†from 2005-2013. ¬†Since 2011, I’ve been heavily involved in mountain biking as a hobby, a volunteer/advocate, and as a part-time business. See my Mountain Bike Geezer blog and my MTB Practice Lab Substack for more.

My first career spanned 15 years as a family therapist and school social worker (1971-86). I graduated from the University of St. Thomas with a BA in Philosophy and received my Masters in Human Development from St. Mary’s University.