Tools and services used for the WordPress for Noobs online course

WordPress for Noobs - forum

I launched my WordPress for Noobs online course this week.  Over 30 participants have registered and paid thus far, with a few more expected by week’s end.

All’s working well with the integration of two big WordPress plugins to make the course happen:

  • Wishlist Member which handles the registration, integration with PayPal, and membership management
  • Simple:Press which provides the discussion forum for the course (screenshot on the right)

I’m using GoToWebinar to host a live Q&A webinar for the class each week, and Camtasia Studio to produce two screencasts (how-to videos) each week, hosted at

All of this is a result of my taking the Teaching Sells course a year ago, with ongoing support from Third Tribe Marketing.

I’ve got more online courses (AKA Integrated Learning Environments) in the works. Next up: Blogging for Leaders.