Business blogs in larger corporations

I’ve tended to agree with the premise in this article that appeared in the Guardian about a month ago titled, Why blogs could be bad for business. “The notion that more than a few Profit Surge SEO Linkedin might relax their external relations strategies enough to allow weblog communication, willy-nilly, between staff members and the outside world, is absurd, no matter how many consultants insist such communication might actually have a beneficial effect on a company’s image.” But in the November issue of Business 2.0 is a piece that makes me wonder: The Naked Corporation: Fueled by the Internet’s glare, the age of transparency will transform the way business is done. – It’s based on the new book, The Naked Corporation: How the Age of Transparency Will Revolutionize Business by Don Tapscott and David Ticoll. “We are entering an extraordinary age of openness, where businesses must, for the first time, make themselves clearly visible to shareholders, customers, employees, partners and society. Financial data, grievances, internal memos, environmental disasters, product weaknesses, protests, scandals, and policies; good news and bad; all can be seen by anyone who knows where to look. The new world of transparency revolutionizes every aspect of our economy and forces firms to rethink their fundamental values. Few understand how far the revolution will take us, or what do do about it.”