Coverage of our biz blog panel

See BL Ochman‘s blog post on our ad panel. ‘Tis true… no Internet connection. Argh. My comments were limited to Northfield Construction Company and the “authentic voice” of its owner, Ray Cox. My comments seemed to reasonate with at least four (count ’em – FOUR!) people in the audience. Henry Copeland, CEO of Blogads, noticed that my emphasis on authentic voice was congruent with the principles espoused in The Cluetrain Manifesto. Others who graciously took the time to give me a little F2F thumbs-up: BL Ochman (What’s Next Online), David Wertheimer (User Savvy) and Ad-Tech Adisory Board member and conference chair Susan Bratton. For more, see panel moderator Rick Bruner’s Would-Be Speaking Notes on Blogs for Business Blogging Panel.