Budapest symposium audio: Christoforos Korakas, Access2Democracy, Greece

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Christoforos Korakas is a Project Manager at Access2Democracy and an expert on eVote/eDemocracy for the Research & Academic Computer Technology Institute of Greece. We had a chance to talk after his session and there may some areas of collaboration, especially regarding web forums.

Left photo (click to enlarge): Christoforos was one of the panelists for Friday’s Day 3 session: From e-Voting to e-Participation: Connecting Governments, Parliaments and Civil Society in Europe.

Right photo (click to enlarge): Christoforos is in the center. On the left: Lasse Berntzen, Vestfold University College, Norway (Lasse has both a research page and a blog on e-Government and e-Democracy where he posted about the Budapest symposium); and on the right, Daniel van Leberghe, Politech Institute, Belgium.

9 minutes, 51 seconds

2 thoughts on “Budapest symposium audio: Christoforos Korakas, Access2Democracy, Greece

  1. That was certainly a great experience both in terms of finding out what is going on around the world on eDemocracy and related issues as well as meeting many great people … Glad i met u Griff!

  2. Hey Griff:

    You just missed a “hot” weekend in Northfield. Vintage music everywhere and the visitors were really impressed with the town. I’ll have to read all the entries in your blog to follow the discussion in Budapest. Back home, the people are calling for weekly street dances.

    See you at GBM,


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