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Blogsite revamp for Club 95

club95 sshot Waaaay back in April of 2003, I set up a blog site for the Club 95 restaurant in Hixton, Wisconsin, working with then-owner Steve Kirschner. Jerel and Jen Gunning bought the restaurant from Steve in 2004 and Jerel took on the blogging duties.

In September 2009, I set up a blogsite for Re-Pete’s Saloon & Grill in Black River Falls, Wisconsin which Jerel and Jen had recently purchased. Jen has assumed blogging duties there along with one of her employees, Jamie Bailey.

We’ve now revamped the Club 95 blogsite, converting it from Blogger to WordPress and using the Atahualpa Theme by BytesForAll. Jen and Jamie will likely be taking over blogging and web upkeep duties.

A new blogsite for First Congregational Church of Cannon Falls

first cccf sshot I’ve been working with First Congregational Church of Cannon Falls Pastor Barbara Martin and her technology team to convert their web site to a blog site.

The site is build on WordPress using the Atahualpa Theme by BytesForAll.

We created three custom banners from parishioner photos. The banners randomly display as one clicks on different pages of the site.

 Alternate banner: First Congregational Church of Cannon Falls  Alternate banner: First Congregational Church of Cannon Falls

Rev. Martin began blogging on March 15.

Customized WordPress theme for Flamenco Organic Coffee Company

flamenco organic sshot Two years ago we worked with Upper Midwest Gourmet (UMG) to put up three companion blog sites and we’ve recently revamped one of them, Flamenco Organic Coffee Company.

Northfield web designer Sean Hayford O’Leary took a design from UMG staffer Alan Erbach and, working with another staffer, Michael Applen, created a special WordPress theme and navigation bar for it.

See the UMG Coffee Portal for all their coffee-related sites.

Empowering Voices Online (EVO): community leadership blogging

Evo-logo I’m working with my Gallomanor colleagues, Shane McCracken and Mary Reid, to deliver a series of one-day community leadership blogging workshops in the UK called Empowering Voices Online (EVO) .

Shane and Mary will be delivering the face-to-face sessions while I concentrate on the coaching and feedback via various tools, including the Interactive Learning Environment (ILE) on Blogging for Leaders.

First up on the 6th of February: participants from the city of Dewsbury in the Metropolitan Borough of Kirklees, in West Yorkshire, England. They’ll be meeting at the Ravensthorpe Community Centre.

Social media for the Trials Training Center

I’ve been working with longtime client Trials Training Center (TTC) in Sequatchie, TN to ratchet up their use of social media.

This week, we launched the Trials Training Center Twitter account and  the Trials Training Center Facebook Fan Page.

We put this collection of linked icons on their sidebar to make it easy for site visitors to not only follow them on Facebook and Twitter but also to follow the TTC blog via email or RSS and to view their videos on YouTube and their photos on Picasaweb. If you are trying to grow your YouTube channel, click here to see how you can buy views on youtube.

A new blog for Kutzky Park Neighborhood Association

kutzkyparklogo120w Back in 2004, I helped Rochester, MN neighborhood group, the Kutzky Park Neighborhood Association, set up a new website with a blog using Blogger.

They asked for an updated site this summer so we converted all the old Blogger posts over to WordPress. We gave the admin keys to local volunteer Pam Gjertson who’s been learning WordPress on her own and experimenting with various WordPress themes… currently using one of my favorites, Atahualpa.

Another round of leadership blogging with my Brit colleagues

ukaid-largeFor over a year now, I’ve teamed up with a UK-based colleague of mine, Shane McCracken (his company is Gallomanor) to work with a federal agency of the British government called the Department for International Development (DFID), now also known as UKaid. It’s “the part of the UK Government that manages Britain’s aid to poor countries and works to get rid of extreme poverty.”

We’ve been coaching a growing group of DFID staff in several countries on how to use blogs to highlight the local work their office is doing. See the DFID group blog for more. We’re about to launch a new crop of DFID bloggers this fall.

Simon Davis and Shane McCrackenAlthough we work with several DFID staff at their headquarters in London, our primary colleague there is Simon Davis.

Simon and Shane had a meeting last Monday in the plaza outside the DFID office and I convinced them to take a photo and send it to me. Splendid!