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The domain name,, is for sale

Real Joe

Real Joe was a blog that I published from August, 2000 to December of 2005.  Its tagline: Important stuff. Plain talk. Ordinary guys.

  1. The word ‘Joe’ in our culture is associated with the common man, a typical ‘guy’ or ‘fellow,’ the ‘average Joe,’ an ‘ordinary Joe.’  It also has taken on this ‘common man’ association with some demographics, e.g., G.I. Joe, Holy Joe, Joe College, Joe Sixpack, Joe Lunchbucket. The phrase ‘real Joe’ as in “He’s the real Joe” has come to be associated with authenticity and a lack of pretentiousness in a male.
  2. The word ‘Joe’ also refers to coffee, as in a ‘cup of Joe.’ The origin of that phrase is not clear.

If you’re interested in purchasing the domain name, contact me.

Blogging For Leaders: a new interactive learning environment

blf-sshotI’ve set up a new site called Blogging For Leaders (BLF). It’s an interactive learning environment (ILE) designed to help people use blogs and other social media tools in their roles as leaders.

I’ve been a leadership blogging coach since 2003, and have worked with business and non-profit executives, politicians, government officials, education administrators, small business owners, and community leaders.

I’m taking what I’ve learned (and what my clients have taught me) and putting it into a structured online  course. And I will be wrapping an online community of learners around it with a web forum where I’ll moderate the discussions, provide some coaching, and gather ongoing feedback on how to improve the offering.

Currently, the course and forum are only open to those leaders associated with a couple of my client organizations

That will change later this fall.

Headquarters relocation

IMG_4538.JPGWigley and Associates has a new world headquarters. We’ve sold our house and moved to a townhouse in Northfield at 1133 Heritage Drive, about a mile south from our Linden St. house. (We’re now downsized empty-nesters. We’re renting the townhouse on a month-to-month basis while we try to resolve our condo situation. I blogged about The Crossing in Northfield and Mendota Homes yesterday on Locally Grown.)

I’ve taken the opportunity to drop my landline so mobile and Skype are now the ways to reach me for phone/audio chatting. See my Contact page for details.

My email notification list problems

Last week, I posted an entry here titled Using email lists for weblog notification like I knew what I was talking about. For those of you who got my email notification via the Zoodoka service, you probably noticed a small problem: it didn’t work.

I should have taken more time to test it out over a week or more, which I’ve now started doing. I still don’t know whether the problem was my lack of understanding or a glitch with their service. Regardless, my apologies.

I’m back to using Dada Mail (formerly known as Mojo Mail) for the emailing of weblog headlines once a month or so until I’m more sure that a switchover will work.

Leadership blogging for the law enforcement community

openeyebloggingtn.gif alderson_wigley.jpg openeye150w.jpg

I blogged back in April about my March meeting in London with Mike Alderson, former UK police officer who now has his own consulting firm, Open Eye Communications. (Photo above is actually from the first time we met in London in2005.)

We’re now teaming up to offer leadership blogging coaching and seminars to the law enforcement community in Europe and the US. See the PDF flyer for more details as well as Mike’s posts about police leadership blogging and our collaboration.

Allowing comments, preventing spam

spam.gifI have a couple of leaders now who are ready to make selective use of the WordPress comment feature.

So I’m experimenting with it here to find the best way to make it easy for the site visitors, yet prevent spammers from abusing it.

Upon the recommendation of this recent message thread in the WordPress forums, I’ve enabled the Askimet, Bad Behaviour and Spam Karma 2 plug-ins, while avoiding the Captcha approach.

I’ve turned on comments and trackbacks on this and all future blog entries to see if it works.

Skype online status


I’ve added a little gizmo to my right sidebar here that indicates whether or not I’m currently logged into my Skype account.

For geographically distributed teams, I see this form of instant messaging (real-time voice and/or text chat) as the equivalent of showing up at an office, hanging your coat on a rack near your workspace, and turning on the lights — all little cues to your colleagues that “I’m here. I’m around. I’m available to talk/collaborate/socialize.”

ReadMyDay Web Forum – Learning leadership blogging


I've set up a web message board to host discussion forums on learning leadership blogging for clients. First up: the ReadMyDay U.K. project.

Register anytime and when I see your registration come through, I'll assign you to a forum that's specific to your role. While you're waiting, post a note in the online Pub and order up a refreshment.