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Budapest symposium audio: Christoforos Korakas, Access2Democracy, Greece

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Christoforos Korakas is a Project Manager at Access2Democracy and an expert on eVote/eDemocracy for the Research & Academic Computer Technology Institute of Greece. We had a chance to talk after his session and there may some areas of collaboration, especially regarding web forums.

Left photo (click to enlarge): Christoforos was one of the panelists for Friday’s Day 3 session: From e-Voting to e-Participation: Connecting Governments, Parliaments and Civil Society in Europe.

Right photo (click to enlarge): Christoforos is in the center. On the left: Lasse Berntzen, Vestfold University College, Norway (Lasse has both a research page and a blog on e-Government and e-Democracy where he posted about the Budapest symposium); and on the right, Daniel van Leberghe, Politech Institute, Belgium.

9 minutes, 51 seconds

Jože Gricar: eGovernment Connections and Challenges

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Jože Gricar is Professor & eCenter Director, Faculty of Organizational Sciences, at the University of Maribor in Slovenia. He’s also Chair of the Annual Bled eConference. His presentation was part of the Friday eGovernment Connections and Challenges panel here in Budapest. Click the photos to enlarge.

When he attended my blogging session, we chatted afterwards and discovered our Minnesota-Slovenia connection. I include a subsequent email from him below in which he provides background on it.

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These ICELE people have been seen occasionally at the Budapest symposium this week… and you’re likely to keep hearing and seeing them in the weeks and months to come. Click photos to enlarge.

L to R: Fraser Henderson, Operations Director; Rita Wilson, Interim CEO; Dylan Jeffrey, Board Member and Bellringer; Mathew Ellis, Board Chair; Julia Glidden, Board Member; Andrew Pinder, Board President; Mary Reid, Board Member, Lawrence Pratchett, Board Member.

Product development: The next generation of e-citizens

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Tonight’s reception was an inclusive family affair. Click the photos to enlarge.
Left: DCLG‘s Peter Blair and family
Center, L to R: University of Maribor professor Jože Gricar, Julia Glidden (21c) and Alexander, and (I’ll find out the other two)
Right: DCLG‘s Julian Bowrey, IDeA‘s Jane Ratford and their new little one named (I’ll find out)

Wednesday afternoon sessions: Opening Plenary, Research Findings

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Left photo: Today’s plenary opened at 3 PM with remarks from Symposium Director Dylan Jeffrey, DCLG.

Left Center: Keynote speeches were next: Andrew Pinder CBE, Symposium Chair and Former UK e-Envoy; and Julian Bowrey, Head of Sustainable Communities Summit and Former Head of Local eGovernment.

Right Center: Partner speeches were made by:

  • Guido Bertucci, Director for Public Administration & Development Management, UNDESA

  • Najat Rochdi, UNDP Representative in the Arab Region

  • Michael Remmert, Head of Good Governance in the Information Society, Council of Europe

  • Hon. Deb Markowitz, President of NASS

  • Jonathan Ortmans, President of Public Forum Institute

Right: Reseach findings were presented by Lawrence Pratchett, Professor of Local Democracy, De Montfort University and Don Norris, Professor of Public Policy, University of Maryland, Baltimore County.

IMG_28011w800.jpg Click photos to enlarge.

I have audio clips of several of these presentations posted on the ICELE weblog.