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Blogging and Social Media for Leaders: an online course

Blogging and Social Media for Leaders

Later this winter (Feb/March) I’ll be offering an online course, Blogging and Social Media for Leaders: Leveraging Your Influence in a Hyper-Connected World.

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Blogging For Leaders: a new interactive learning environment

blf-sshotI’ve set up a new site called Blogging For Leaders (BLF). It’s an interactive learning environment (ILE) designed to help people use blogs and other social media tools in their roles as leaders.

I’ve been a leadership blogging coach since 2003, and have worked with business and non-profit executives, politicians, government officials, education administrators, small business owners, and community leaders.

I’m taking what I’ve learned (and what my clients have taught me) and putting it into a structured online  course. And I will be wrapping an online community of learners around it with a web forum where I’ll moderate the discussions, provide some coaching, and gather ongoing feedback on how to improve the offering.

Currently, the course and forum are only open to those leaders associated with a couple of my client organizations

That will change later this fall.