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Dan Carlson, now blogging as an ordained minister

I’ve been working with Dan Carlson on the blog site for his venture, Public Safety Ministries: Promoting Spiritual Fitness in the Public Safety Professions, since he departed as Eden Prairie Police Chief¬† back in January of 2007.

Dan Carlson, Griff Wigley, at Maynard's in Excelsior Dan Carlson at Ginko Coffeehouse PSMI
Dan was ordained an ELCA minister back in August and a month ago, asked me to help him revamp his site and coach him on more advanced WordPress skills.¬† We met about a month ago for a planning lunch at Maynard’s in Excelsior and again today at Ginkgo Coffeehouse in St. Paul for a coaching session.

Dan’s work involves collaboration with the Minnesota Chiefs of Police Association, the Minnesota Law Enforcement Memorial Association, Minnesota National Guard “Beyond the Yellow Ribbon”, the Minnesota Emergency Services Chaplain Association, and the Hennepin County Chiefs of Police Association, among others.

Outgoing and incoming police chiefs; blogging continues

IMG_5957w800.jpg IMG_5940w800.jpg IMG_5975w800.jpg
Last night, the City of Eden Prairie held a retirement party for Police Chief Dan Carlson. Among the presenters/roasters were his fellow bloggers. (Click photos to enlarge.)

Left: City Manager Scott Neal (Dan and family in the background).
Center: New Police Chief Rob Reynolds (officially Deputy Chief for 3 more weeks)
Right: Fire Chief George Esbenson with a specially made radio shoe.

I’ve been working with Dan on the weblog/website for his new venture, Public Safety Ministries: Promoting Spiritual Fitness in the Public Safety Professions:

psmi_snapshot.jpgJust like with physical fitness, the pursuit of spiritual fitness requires regular participation in a personalized exercise program.

The objective of this site is to create a virtual spiritual fitness center or a gym for the soul. We’re hoping that you visit the gym regularly and can find some exercises that fit your personal spiritual fitness needs.