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Roundtable discussion on social media at the MASA/MASE 2011 spring conference

I hosted a roundtable discussion this morning at the MASA/MASE 2011 spring conference, The Art & Science of Leadership (PDF) at the Northland Inn in Brooklyn Park, MN.

Using social media for leadership: A discussion about how blogs, Twitter, YouTube and other social media technologies can be used to leverage one’s influence as a leader.

I got to meet some of the other MASA staff (besides Charlie!):

Jeanna Quinn, Charlie Kyte, Aimee Ranallo, Deb Larson MASA conference
L to R: Jeanna Quinn, Charlie Kyte, Aimee Ranallo, Deb Larson

Leveraging Your Influence: An online course for MN K12 Education Leaders on using social media

Charlie KyteMy conversations and work with fellow Northfielder Charlie Kyte, Executive Director of the Minnesota School Administrators Association (MASA) and Voice of MN Education blogger, have led to discussions about a course in leadership blogging/social media for members of MASA, MESPA, MASSP, and MASE.

Those are Minnesota-based associations of K12 school leaders: superintendents, principals, and other education program managers.

We had planned to offer the course this spring but that’s now been pushed back to fall.