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Tweeting some posts of leaders who blog: learning by example

I’m subscribed to the blogs of 18+ leaders (and adding more as I discover them).

Today, I tweeted five of their recent posts, ones that I think are instructive for those who are interested in the art of leadership blogging.

Twitter - leadership bloggers Aug 18 2010These weren’t retweets of their blog headlines. I tried to cram in a hint about why I judged each post to be instructive.

I’m experimenting with how to best format these tweets.  By the time I did the 4th one, it occurred to me to include:

  • The #Leadership hashtag at the beginning with the phrase ‘blog post’
  • Their name/Twitter username and their title/position/organization
  • The topic
  • My take on why it’s a good example of leadership blogging
  • A short URL that links to the blog post

Here are my tweets of today’s five leadership blog posts worth noting:

I’m not sure yet how often I’ll A) do this kind of tweeting; B) continue to blog the tweets.

Suggestions/feedback appreciated.